Stix at school

“I like Stix a lot because they make me feel calm and chilled” 



Laddingford St. Mary's
and Youth Resilience UK

Over the past 6 months, Stix Mindfulness have been collaborating with Youth Resilience UK to bring Stix into a primary school, where 6 children were selected to take part in weekly testing of the new innovative product to help support the business in product development.

Miss Hitch, Headteacher at Laddingford St. Mary’s in Kent, opened up the doors to Youth Resilience and Stix Mindfulness in order to help support children that have suffered the most from the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I think the thing that's great about the Stix remotes is that it's fun, and children are receptive to game-like activities, but they have a main focus on mental wellbeing."

"It's about having the right tools in our tool-kit. We give children tools to go out into the world, whether that's Maths, whether it's English, what we're really doing is giving them a whole range of things they can take off into their life with them."

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It’s a really good product because there are calming activities and also exciting ones. It’s not just something you can use at school, but something you can also use at home so if you are having a stressful day at home you can open up the app and do breathing and an activity

Mason, 11

Youth Resilience UK is a community interest company that aims to use a restorative approach to help young people build resilience by understanding their relationships, their choices and how they fit in to the world they live in.

They have been supporting Stix by testing the product with primary school children to help teach children mindfulness in a fun way.

Youth Resilience UK

“The screen free activities from the Stix remotes help support mental wellbeing, whilst the post-activity gamification on the app is something children are motivated by.” Kelly, Managing Director of Youth Resilience.


Laddingford St. Mary's
and Youth Resilience UK

How has this trial helped us at Stix?

We’ve gained excellent insights into how the children interact with the product, so we can now improve our activities and make the product more intuitive.


  • We’ve learnt a great deal from Youth Resilience and the school on how and when the product can be used in a school setting. Rather than a product that the whole class uses together, Stix is a tool that upset or distressed children can access on a one on one basis to help calm down, before returning to class.

  • We’ve seen that the techniques learned through the activities are transferrable to real life. Children who have used the Stix have been reported to have drawn on different breathing activities when they are stressed, or even have told others (those who weren’t part of the trial) what to do when they are feeling upset.

  • Stix is likely to be best utilised with SENCo professionals, using a school tablet to access the app, or simply by using the Stix in offline mode.

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