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Stix at school

Empower your pupils to take control of their emotions independently with a tool that teaches long-term strategies. 

Help guide them towards the green zone of regulation!


What are Stix?

The Stix Remotes provide screen-free activities that teach children mental health coping strategies.

Audio plays from the Stix Remotes to guide children through interactive and therapeutic 

activities, helping to calm their minds at school or at home.

Stix In The Classroom

In the last year, Stix has been supporting pupils and teachers all across the UK through calming mindfulness activities. This is how we support your pupils:

Promote Calmness

Stix provide your pupils with the time and tools needed to calm down and get the most out of social and academic learning. 


Our 3-5 minute activities are the perfect sensory brain breaks for your pupils, whether you use them before, during or after a lesson!

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Increase Classroom Focus

Our activities teach different methods to help them focus in lessons, from shaking out all their excess energy, to learning how to breath to re-focus.

Stix teaches mindfulness in an easy and digestible way for children, making it easy to adopt into their routine, reinforcing these methods on improving focus.

Improve Self-regulation

With Stix, children can learn long term regulating strategies through short and simple meditations. 

We teach children about their emotions and how to manage them. By learning how to notice and reframe their emotions, they become better at self-regulation.

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Case Study: Supporting Exam Stress & Anxiety
“Stix helped me relax my nerves during my SATs exams”

Christopher, 11

Christopher felt the pressure of his SATs exams, so much so that he had to leave the exam half way through due to anxiety.


Fortunately, the SENCO had their Stix at hand, and after a quick breathing exercise, Christopher was able to return to his exam and finish his paper. 

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Case Study: Managing Emotions
"It's good to have something to hold and speak to me when I'm upset"

Sophie, 8

The tangible, soft-touch nature of the Stix Remotes helps children like Sophie to focus on something physical to take their mind of whatever is upsetting them, whilst the calming activities teach them ways to let go of any stress and relax.

What do teachers think?

Your experience of Stix?

We love using Stix at Dormers Wells, from supporting children with neurodiversity challenges, to practising mindfulness as a whole class, they’re designed for everyone!

What benefits did your pupils experience?

The benefits were very obvious after they used the Stix. One child in particular, who was getting anxious during the year 6 SATS exams and had to be removed for a short period from the tests - The Belly Breathing and Rainbow Painting activities really helped to calm her down and made her feel comfortable about restarting her exam.

Dormers Wells Primary, Ealing

Want to try Stix Mindfulness in your classroom?

Get in touch below to arrange a free school trial, learn more about product pricing, or meet the founders to find out more about the positive impact Stix can have on your pupils!

Liam Murphy - Co-Founder

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