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Our customers tell us their kids cope with anxiety better, have less tantrums and are less angry, but what does the research say?

Leading psychologists from Brunel University designed the Stix activities based on existing research, and then took them into the field to see how they support children's wellbeing. Here's what they found:

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Improved anxiety symptoms

86% of children had a decrease in their anxiety and depression scores after using Stix, it also helped them improve their mood.

Child relaxing with mindfulness remotes
Child interacting with mindfulness remotes

Helps when angry, stressed or upset

6 in 7 children said Stix had helped them with their relationships when angry or upset

Children wanted to keep using Stix after the study ended

100% of children wanted to continue the study at home after it had ended. 


During the study, all activities were led by the children, and didn’t involve teacher input.

Child happy with mindfulness remotes
Child focussed with mindfulness remotes

Skills were taught that they now use in everyday life

Every child taking part said that the Stix activities taught them skills that they used in their daily lives, for example, learning to take a step back and breathe when they are feeling angry.

Study Summary:


The study involved eight children between the ages of 9-10, seven girls, and one boy. The four-week Stix mindfulness skills training program consisted of 12 different activities, which were split into weeks, with three activities to be completed daily. The children were interviewed about their experience with the Stix on a weekly basis and then on completion. 

Overall, the Stix Remotes and the activities were well received by the children, and the results suggest an improvement in psychological wellbeing. However, due to the small sample size in this pilot study, a more detailed study, including a matched control group/training, is recommended before making any conclusions about how Stix technology helps children’s mental health and wellbeing.


A specialist told us to do 10 minutes of mindfulness a day, and Stix has enabled Bella to do just that. They've helped her so much with her anxiety. You really can't put a price on supporting mental health so this was a worthy investment.


Using Stix with my Year 1 and 2 students, including those with special needs, has been an absolute game-changer. It's not just a tool; it's a lifeline for busy teachers and stressed-out students alike. Highly recommended for any primary classroom!"


We love our Stix!


They offer a really good intro into to mindfulness concepts at a young age, for our daughter who is deeply feeling.

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