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Why Stix?

Moments of calm, for the moments they need them most

Screen-free activities designed to support children when they’re feeling anxious, angry, upset or unfocussed.

There's a Stix activity for every situation.


See Stix in action

Watch the video to see how Stix work, the activities involved, and how they support your children's mental health

Stix can be play with and without screen time

Be in control of their screen-time

Access the Stix activities with or without a phone!

Activities can be launched through the app, or simply by pressing a button on the remotes, meaning parents are in control of screen-time.


Sensory feedback providing an immersive experience

Built-in audio, vibrations and lights guide your children through instructions, encouraging them to interact and move with the Stix Remotes. 

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Expert Created Activities

Our activities are designed by leading psychologists, designers and mindfulness experts, using an evidence based approach to support mental health. 


We have activities for every situation, supporting anxiety, better sleep, ADHD behaviours, emotional regulation, and much more.

A wellbeing coach in the palm of your hands

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What do activities sound like?

Wondering what the Stix Activities sound like? Listen to our most played activities below

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Extra encouragement to build a new routine

Win stars and badges on the Stix app after completing activities, challenges, and continuing your day streak.


Use your rewards to customise your monster character as you grow and develop yourself! 

Get rewarded for practicing mindfulness
Keep track of your progress

Healthy competition for the whole family

Track your progress and compare your monster with your Stix Buddies; your family and friends that are also using Stix, and encourage each other to keep going!

Make your home a calm one

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