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Empowering Happy Minds

Give your kids the building blocks for positive mental health.

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Simple Steps,
Learnt For Life

With our mindfulness remotes and app, kids from as young as five can learn how to balance their feelings and emotions. 


Stix teaches kids the long-term strategies they need to find a place of calm and focus. Along the way, they’ll discover the building blocks to face any of life’s ups and downs. 

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Wellbeing activities for children

Calm, Confident and
in Control

Let the interactive remotes take your child on a journey as they are guided through fun activities, earn rewards and develop their mindful monster. 


Lights, vibrations and sounds bring to life our ever-growing library of screen-free exercises. Join in the fun or let them explore new skills for a happy mind.

What do parents think?

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Where movement and mindfulness connect

With 1 in 6 children experiencing mental health difficulties, we know parents are looking for new ways to offer support. 


Our expertly designed activities have been proven to improve children’s sleep quality, daily focus and reduce anxiety, in a way that keeps them motivated for longer. See our research to find out more. 

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Stix Success Stories

Whether your kid is struggling to manage anxiety or self-regulate their emotions, Stix can help them take on the world. 


Find out how Christopher, 11, used Stix during his SAT exams to help him navigate stressful moments and unwind between lessons at school.

Start Your Mindful Journey Today!

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When we master our mind and breath, everything else starts to fall into place.


From age five and beyond, it’s never too early or too late to start a mindfulness journey. So give Stix a go with our 30-day free trial.

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