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What is Stix?

Stix is an interactive product which supports children living with ADHD. Through mindfulness activities, such as meditation and balance, Stix monitors the users' movements, helping to reduce symptoms of impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Activity Stix

We understand that children may struggle to sit and do 10 minutes of meditation without getting distracted, so we have designed several types of mindfulness activities, such as balance and deep breathing games, that are interactive, engaging and fun, whilst helping to strengthen parts of the brain related to poor concentration and impulsivity.

Personal Progression

See your personal progression through awards and statistics showing your development in each activity.

Challenge yourself every day through our daily activities, which encourage calm, reflection and personal development.

Why Stix?

Stix is the only product designed for children that encourages mindfulness activities through fun and engaging activities. We help you to learn how to concentrate better, control natural urges and build better self confidence, helping you to progress as a person.

"Meditation and mindfulness improve symptoms because of the learned skill to control attention and focus on specific purpose or action"

Mind–Body Therapy for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - Herbert A, Esparham A. (2017)

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About Us

We're a family business driven by a common goal, to give children the ability to improve their mental health through mindfulness training and cognitive strengthening.

Our Story

After witnessing ADHD through a family member, Liam dedicated his final year at university to designing a product for children with ADHD to reduce symptoms of impulsivity, inattention and hyperactivity. The result was Stix, a product that can be used for all children to strengthen their pre-frontal cortex through mindfulness. After founding the company in early 2020, Liam teamed up with John to help develop the business model of Stix.

The product is currently in development whilst we test it with children and their parents, building data on how effective the treatment is and what activities are best for the children. If you would like to get involved in any user testing, interviews or to just follow the progression of Stix, simply submit our email below and join the community!

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Be part of the community!

Join our community for updates on the product and to be part of our development journey!

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