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Empowering Happy Minds

The device that gives your kids the building blocks for positive mental health.

Mental health strategies, learnt for life

With The Stix Remotes, kids from as young as five can learn how to balance their feelings and emotions. 


Stix teaches kids the long-term strategies they need to find a place of calm and focus. Along the way, they’ll discover the building blocks to face any of life’s ups and downs. 

Screen-free play, with an app as a reward

Let the interactive remotes take your child on a journey as they are guided through fun activities.

Lights, vibrations and sounds from the remotes bring to life our ever-growing library of screen-free exercises. 

Connect up to the app after to track your progress!

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Stix in action

"Screen-free mental health activities for kids...  OK but how does it work?"

Watch this video to find out!

Success Stories

Hear from the parents of children that have been struggling with symptoms of Anxiety, ADHD, Autism and more.

Watch the video to hear what they have to say, or read more stories by clicking below.

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Activities created by psychologists

With 1 in 5 children with diagnosable mental health issues, we know how important it is for our content to be effective.


That's why we've worked with Brunel University's psychology department to create and test our activities with children, to support children’s sleep quality, daily focus and reduce anxiety. See our research to find out more. 

Get our award winning product today!

Buy Stix and see why a panel of industry experts awarded Stix gold at the Junior Design Awards 2023!

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