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Championing Neurodiversity

Stix aims to celebrate the positives of a neurodiverse mind

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Mindfulness activities designed to help improve wellbeing whilst having fun!
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Improved mental wellbeing

Activities designed for children to help them reduce anxieties and build on their mental strengths

Reduction of symptoms

 Mindfulness has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and hyperactivity

Stronger family relationships

 Complete activities alongside your family members to help strengthen relationships


Mindful practices built into fun activities

Activities range from relaxing and soothing to fun and energising 

Earn rewards without the screen time

Earn rewards and work towards goals and achievements through screen-less activities

At home or


Stix are designed to allow your child to use them at home with the app, or to carry them around with no app required

Develop your character throughout your mindful journey by earning rewards as you play!

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