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Empowering Happy Minds

The device that gives your kids the building blocks for positive mental health.


Mental health strategies, learnt for life

With The Stix Remotes, kids from as young as five can learn how to balance their feelings and emotions. 


Stix teaches kids the long-term strategies they need to find a place of calm and focus. Along the way, they’ll discover the building blocks to face any of life’s ups and downs. 

How do they work?
Watch Stix in action.

The built-in voice guides children through screen-free mindfulness exercises; ranging from breathing activities to movement-based activities.

Let the voice guide you through instructions as you slowly unwind

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How do Stix support wellbeing?


Soothing exercises designed to promote calmness


Handheld device with sensory feedback to increase focus


Activities focussing on improving emotional regulation

1 in 5 children have diagnosable mental health issue, that's why we've worked with psychologists to develop and assess our activities with children, to support children’s sleep quality, daily focus and reduce anxiety.

What do parents think?

Hear from the parents of children that have been struggling with symptoms of Anxiety, ADHD, Autism and more at home.

"Stix works so well for my daughter and she recognises herself the impact they have. After being diagnosed with an anxiety-related disorder, I did lots of searching to see what help there was available…enter Stix."

Watch the video to hear what they have to say, or read more stories by clicking below.

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Are you ready for a calm home?

Parents and teachers continue telling us about the impact Stix are having on their children's wellbeing.

Feel confident in your purchase with our 30 day money back guarantee.

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