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Dr. Gauri Seth, Psychiatry Doctor and coach

"Our children loved using Stix. They found them straightforward to use, and I've never seen them engage mindfully in this way before."

“The stix provide a tangible practical solution to what otherwise could feel like a complex ask for children - to sit, be still, and tune into mindfulness.

Not only did the Stix provide an easy vehicle to that headspace for all three children, but the reward they get through building their monster creates a lovely incentive for them.

My 8 year old son even asked me if I had packed the stix on a recent trip away - he was worried and asked for the Stix! I was so thrilled to see this engagement and genuine interest from him.”

"I highly recommend Stix for all families"

Speaking from experience

“As a psychiatry doctor and parent coach, and with experience as a clinical academic in the area of meditation and emotional wellbeing, I can see how the stix can be powerful for mental wellness for children. Mastering the art of controlling one's emotional state is one of many skills the Stix can help cultivate in a growing mind and this skill in particular could have far reaching benefits for mental wellbeing for children and adults. I can also see the stix being a great activity to do together as a family - facilitating emotional connection too!


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