Mindfulness made fun

Mindfulness and gamification aren't typically a pair that go together, however through expert advice and design, we have combined the two to create fun activities that children want to complete and get better at. 

Through completion of mindful activities, children are rewarded with stars that act as positive reinforcement for their behaviours. Stars can be used to develop their 'monster' avatar, which helps them unlock new activities and challenges.

How can Stix help?

Stix embodies mindfulness in a fun and interactive way, to encourage children to practice different coping mechanisms that improve focus, reduce hyperactivity, aggression and impulsivity. 

Research has shown that mindfulness can help in several ways:


Reduction of symptoms through the use of mindfulness in participants with ADHD.



3 weeks

of daily meditation can reduce aggression by 




DISCLAIMER: Stix provides its platform as self-help, self-improvement, learning, motivation, relaxation and de-stressing aids.  They do not constitute a replacement for medical or psychological treatment and Stix neither expresses nor implies any claims to the contrary.

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