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Using Stix at school

Managing exam stress at school

“I like Stix a lot because they make me feel calm and chilled” 

Pilot study launched in collaboration with Youth Resilience UK to test Stix Mindfulness at school

After an isolated lockdown period where children were online learning through laptops and tablets, the return to school was daunting for many children. 


With SATs around the corner and reports of heightened anxiety, many schools were searching for external mental health support to help their pupils.

Stix Mindfulness at Laddingford St Marys on ITV News

Supporting exam stress

Miss Hitch, Headteacher at Laddingford St. Mary’s in Kent, opened up the doors to Youth Resilience and Stix Mindfulness in order to help support children that have suffered the most from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s about having the right tools in our tool-kit. We give children tools to go out into the world, whether that’s Maths, whether it’s English, what we’re really doing is giving them a whole range of things they can take off into their life with them.”


"I think the thing that's great about the Stix remotes is that it's fun, and children are receptive to game-like activities, but they have a main focus on mental wellbeing."

What did the children think?

"It’s a really good product because there are calming activities and also exciting ones. 


It’s not just something you can use at school, but something you can also use at home so if you are having a stressful day at home you can open up the app and do breathing and an activity!"

Christopher, 11

"I really like Stix because they make me feel calm and chilled"

Mason, 11

Using Stix to calm down at school

Watch Kelly speak about mental health and Stix Mindfulness 

Mental resilience expert, Kelly Walker, from Youth Resilience UK, helped execute the Stix Mindfulness programme in this school

“The screen free activities from the Stix remotes help support mental wellbeing, whilst the post-activity gamification on the app is something children are motivated by.”

Kelly, Youth Resilience UK

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