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The science of mindfulness

Improved mental wellbeing

Studies show that mindfulness for children improves overall mental wellbeing, with anxiety, depression and stress all reducing after a few sessions. 

Better focus

Studies show improvement of test scores after a mindfulness course

Stronger family relationships

Improvement of compassion and joint activities show improvements in relationships

Better sleep

Mindfulness has been shown to improve overall sleep quality when practiced before bed

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How does it work?

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What is mindfulness?


Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of being aware. It involves focussing on the present moment; the way you feel, the sounds around you, the movement of your breathe.

It is an exercise for the brain to help you learn how to stay aware for longer, helping to improve Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Focus and more.

How does mindfulness affect the brain?

Your brain is a bit like putty, it has something called 'neuroplasticity' which is the ability for the neuron pathways to remap and make new connections.

By repetitively practicing mindfulness, 

your brain releases neurochemicals that help change its structure; improving attention. 

What does Stix do differently?

Stix is mindfulness made fun.
We have expertly combined mindfulness techniques, such as focus, deep breathing and curiosity, with elements of gamification, helping to encourage children to practice more often.

Mindfulness for kids has never been so fun!