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About Stix

Stix is a screen-free electronic device that guides the child through a variety of fun and therapeutic mindfulness based activities. It is supported by an app to reward children for continued practice - we have gamified mindfulness for children, and through practice of mindful activities, enable them to take control of their mental wellbeing.

We want to improve well-being for children & young people, offer peace of mind to parents and champion neurodiversity everywhere! Through our engaging and therapeutic mindfulness activities, children can learn skills & techniques that are designed to help to improve their mental wellbeing and support them in a world that is louder than ever.

Our Story

While studying product design in Brighton, Liam Murphy practised mindfulness every day. He felt the benefits and realised the practice would have been invaluable to him when he was younger. That was the trigger for a concept to make mindfulness fun for kids.

Liam teamed up with his father, John, to develop the concept into a business.With support from the Central Research Laboratory accelerator programme, they have developed a product to enable children to take control of their mental wellbeing.

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Stix have achieved great things in their two years of development, with grants, nominations and awards helping them along the way:

-Innovate UK smart grant
-Health & Wellbeing Entrepreneur of the year 2020, Great British Entrepreneur Awards
-Hustle Awards runner up
-Innovate UK Young Innovators Award 2021/2022

What the Product Does

The product is made up of two Stix remotes, one held in each hand; the child selects an activity and follows instructions provided by the Stix.  Stix then monitors movements and gives visual, haptic and auditory feedback.  Progress and rewards can be reviewed on the app and are illustrated through the development of an interactive cute ‘monster’ character. 


When Are We Launching?

Stix is set to launch through crowdfunding website Kickstarter in April 2022.


A screen-free electronic device guides the child through fun activities, giving visual, haptic, and auditory feedback. Progress and rewards can be reviewed on an app, illustrated by an interactive cute ‘monster’ character. Ten advanced Stix prototypes are being tested by families. Their feedback is providing useful data about how children interact with the product and what features might improve the experience.