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We've just launched an exclusive VIP community for those following the development at Stix. This community is being built for those that want to be part of our journey, with benefits and rewards being offered for those involved. Read on to see the perks and find out why we're offering them:

Become a VIP and save 30% when we launch by reserving your pair of Stix! To receive this offer, simply place a £5 deposit for the Stix remotes and we'll put you on our exclusive VIP list.

VIP Perks include: -30% discount off RRP when we launch

-Skip the beta testing queue! -Personalised updates during our development ​-Free download of our Beta App

You might be asking yourself "Why do they want to charge me £5 only to give us a bigger discount? It doesn't make sense." - You're right to be confused, so I'll explain why:

It's easy to express interest on Facebook or on our website, all it takes is a simple email submission. By launching this VIP community, we're able to see the uptake of people that are truly interested in buying the Stix product when it's released. This helps give us a good indication of how well our Kickstarter campaign will do.

It's not intended to raise profits, but to assess whether people truly want to back Stix. The money we raise from this group will be reinvested into growing the Stix community.

As a thanks for showing interest, we're offering exclusive perks. VIP's will get exclusive access to the Super Early Bird reward, which will be 30% cheaper than our RRP, you'll get updates on behind the scenes business progress, and you'll be able to download our app right away to your phone, allowing you to practice meditations before the Stix remotes are released.

If you've got any questions at all about joining the VIP community, feel free to email Liam at

Reserve your Stix here!

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