Stix Quarterly Update - Q1 2021

Welcome to the first Stix quarterly update! We wanted to keep you in the loop on all of Stix' developments, whether that is to do with product development, marketing activities or partnership relationships.

Prototype V2 on the way!

We're manufacturing a new batch of prototypes ready for the next round of user testing. After gaining feedback from V1, we learned of the importance of the activity selection process. Users will now have the ability to select their activity from the app and sync it to the Stix remotes over bluetooth. We have taken the opportunity to refresh the electronics with a new, much more capable chipset, whilst reusing the same casings used in V1. Here's a sneak peak of the prototype electronics that have been manufactured locally:

App Development

Alongside the V2 release of our prototypes will be an invite to download our app, which our team has been developing over the past few months. The app lets users select from a variety of mindfulness activities, track their progress and earn rewards that help them to customise their character.

Social Media Launch

We launched out social media channels at the start of February. We want to share the progress we're making at Stix whilst helping to inform people on the many benefits mindfulness has. To see more, follow @stixmindfulness on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

V2 Testing

The waiting list to test the next Stix prototypes has grown a lot in recent weeks, therefore we will prioritise those that signed up to the testing list first. We will try to reach as many of you as possible!

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