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So how does the Stix app work?

We've talked a lot about the Stix remotes recently, so we thought it's time to tell you a little more about our app!

1. Gamification We've spent a lot of time speaking to users about how they practice mindfulness. We've found that children really enjoy the practice, especially during Covid times, as it helps them relax and forget their worries. The problem is, children get bored and often give up on their mindfulness journey. We have implemented gamification principles into the app to encourage children to make the Stix activities part of their routine. By playing activities, children earn rewards (in this case, stars), which they build up over time, which they use to customise their monster character. The personalisation of this monster, akin to the 90's to fad tamagotchi, helps motivate children to practice the Stix mindfulness activities. We hope this positive feedback loop of rewards+calming activities will encourage children get stuck into their Stix activities everyday, helping to manage their wellbeing. #mindfulnessmadefun

2. Activities

The app's 'discover' page allows children to explore a wide range of mindfulness activities, such as Stix Balance, where children are challenged to stay as still as possible for periods of time and then return to deep breathing, or Balloon Arms, a classic mindfulness technique for children re-developed into an interactive movement activity.

By selecting an activity and pressing play, the app sends a signal to the Stix remotes to initiate. At this moment, the user can put their phone down and practice mindfulness screen-free.

3. Rewards + Badges

What's the point in looking at mindfulness statistics if you aren't given a visual reward for hitting milestones!

The Stix app lets children work towards a goal and earn a badge for completing them. Whether they're a pro working towards their 50-day streak badge, or a beginner starting off on the bronze badge, the app provides extra motivation for the child to practice mindfulness.

4. Personal Page

A new feature we've developed uses a smart algorithm to track your mood over time, helping you to visualise when your mood has changed. Our app learns the best time to prompt each child to practice mindfulness based on their mood data. Children can also view their 'buddies' on the personal page, friends they have added on the app, to compare their monsters.

Testing We will shortly be caring out some user testing with the app and the Stix remotes, we can't wait to get you all involved! If you haven't already, sign up to the waiting list and we'll contact you when they're ready! http://stixmindfulness.co.uk/waiting-list

Have any other questions or suggestions? Get in touch! Email hello@stixmindfulness.co.uk

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