Introducing Stix

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Stix is an interactive hardware product to assist children in practicing mindfulness. Stix encourages children with learning disorders, particularly ADHD, to learn about their symptoms and how to cope with them, whilst helping them to identify the positives of their neurodiversity.

How does Stix help?

Mindfulness has been shown to reduce symptoms of poor attention and hyperactivity by 30%, whilst also helping symptoms of anxiety and stress. Fun activities and games built into the Stix allows children to practice everyday coping mechanisms for anxiety and focus; such as deep breathing and mindful movement.

The concept behind Stix was developed by attempting to make mindfulness fun, engaging and interactive for children, enabling them to practice better and therefore help support their mental development.

Liam, Co-Founder of Stix, came up with the concept during his final year at university, where he explored alternatives to medication for children with ADHD. By learning about user centric design principles, Liam was able to design Stix to be suitable for children.

The aim of the product is not to change behaviour and force children to be a certain way, but to learn about what effects them emotionally and how they can spot problems from occurring.

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