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Game Changer: Discovering Mindfulness

Updated: May 11, 2021

As we push towards our product launch, we want to give our growing team a platform to discuss their experiences with mindfulness and mental health. This blog edition was written by Rabi, our new marketing executive. It is the first part of a few pieces of content we are rolling out for National Mental Health Awareness Week #mentalhealthawarenessweek

Discovering Mindfulness:

"My biggest realisation as an adult was learning that my childhood obsession with success was the foundation to which I developed a strong anxiety complex as a young adult. Growing up in a home that placed a lot of value on academic progress, I was nurtured to want to reach the highest percentile. I was, and still am, very motivated, but there was a fine line that I began to cross. I have always been a conscientious person, always wary of making the right choices in a way that I hoped would not impact others negatively. In hindsight, it makes sense that I developed a worrisome personality. It became especially cumbersome after I moved out on my own for university in a new city, not knowing anyone and on an intensive academic program.

Fortunately for me, this all took place during the social media renaissance in 2018, where important conversations were being made surrounding the stigma on mental health, particularly for men. More and more resources were becoming easily accessible, and online communities were being formed; I was able to find the right support groups which gave me a lot of important advice on managing my own mental health. That is where I really came across the concept of mindfulness.

I was fascinated to learn there was a sub-genre of psychology focused solely on being presently aware of my senses and feelings, without interpretation or judgment. I was firstly exposed to meditation, which involved setting some time to sit, perform breathing exercises and observe. As someone with short attention span and lots of energy, I found it difficult to practice mindfulness at first.

After further practice, I found that walking meditation was a better alternative for me. What is important is that you recognise its not one size fits all and find what works best for you. Moreover, it is a skill, that over time helps develop discipline.

Making mindfulness a habitual part of my day has helped me to overcome and tune out a lot of pre-existing negativity, and focus on more on the positive aspects of my life. It's amazing how 5-10 dedicated minutes every day can lead to so much personal growth.

This is what excites me coming into the office every week. I'm a new team member at Stix, where I am being given a lot of freedom to share marketing ideas and implement them. Being part of a small team and participating in the development of a product that aims to give children access to develop mental health coping mechanisms early on."

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