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Back to school: Top tips

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Returning to school in September will be completely different to the times we can remember. After a stop-start year and a half, your children are bound to be nervous about what the next school year will hold for them.

They might find it difficult to express their true thoughts and feelings, so we've written some tips and techniques to try before school starts:

  1. Routine: Try to get back into your school routine a week before you return. Simple things like making the bed in the morning, eating dinner at the same time each evening and a regular bedtime will help your child to settle back into the school routine, making the first day much easier to manage.

  2. Talk to them: Kids can find it hard to turn their thoughts into words, and may find it difficult to build up the courage to voice their concerns. Talking to them can help them understand that it's completely normal to feel worried or anxious, and that you're there to support them.

  3. Behaviour: Look out for a change in behaviour when the first day approaches. They might be physically withdrawn, quiet, or overly energetic. Try to understand why they are acting differently, rather than trying to change their behaviour.

  4. Mindfulness: Try to introduce mindfulness into your child's bedtime routine. A simple breathing activity can help clear thoughts away, encouraging a better night's sleep before school. Stix VIP's can download the Stix app and listen to a mindfulness audio track before bed.

  5. Engage with them: Try and find out what they got up to during their first week back. "What are their new teachers like?", "Are there any new pupils in their class?", "What did you do on your lunch break?". Simple questions might help reveal a whole lot of other information they are finding difficult to convey.

  6. New supplies: Returning to school isn't all bad! Getting a new pencil case or packed lunch might make help build up their confidence before they return. Why not make a day of it? Head to the shops to get some supplies, treat yourself to a coffee and a bun (you deserve it as much as them!), and get a chance to talk to them to find out how they feel.

It's a daunting time of year - whether you're running around to different shoe shops the day before school starts, or searching through every cupboard to find their pencil case - remember that it can be tough being a kid, especially after the past 2 years we've all had!

Good luck in the first week back!


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