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6 month on: Bella uses the Stix everyday

"Before Stix, I really struggled to do mindfulness exercises with Bella - and I have training. So for parents who don't know where to start, it is the perfect tool"

Early learnings teacher Ruth Carson was distraught when her young daughter Isabella developed anxiety two years ago, at the age of just 5. Even with specialist training in Children's mental health through her job as a primary school teacher, Ruth struggled to give Isabella the help she needed.

Her GP confirmed that Isabella had anxiety and referred her to the local children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). However, it was 18 months before they got an appointment and were then put on another waiting list for specialist counselling.

Through her own research, Ruth discovered Stix, and took part in an early product trial whilst the start-up were still developing the technology, before the product came to market in February, and says she and her child would struggle without it. "waiting on the NHS has got us nowhere - and anxiety doesn't get better itself" said the mum of two.

"I fell very fortunate to have been given the Stix as part of the trial, because, even with my early years training in mental health in children, I found it hard to do mindfulness activities with Bella

"Now, Bella knows when her anxiety is rising and just says 'I need my Stix' and will go off and listen to one of the exercises for a few minutes, and it calms her down. She uses them everyday, sometimes before school and usually at bedtime, and then any time she feels she might be getting upset. They have been amazing"


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