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3 Mindfulness Activities for a rainy summers day

Today definitely doesn't feel like summer!

This weather can make us feel sad and gloomy, so we decided to write up 3 activities that you can do with the kids to help boost mood and promote positivity.

1. Gratitude Journaling – Rainbows Amidst the Rainy Days 🌈

It could be a the sounds of your kids playing, 1on1 bonding time, or something as simple as a warm cup of tea.

Tell your children what you are grateful for, and teach them about gratitude so they can appreciate the little things in life.

Embracing gratitude warms the heart, no matter what the British weather has in store.

2. Setting Intentions at the Halfway Point 🗓️

We've reached the midpoint of the summer holidays, and it's the perfect time to set intentions for the rest of this delightful break.

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. As you breathe in, think about what you'd like to focus on for the next half of the summer.

Is it more quality time with the family? Exploring new hobbies? Or simply finding joy in everyday moments? Let these intentions guide your path as you move forward.

3. Breathe In, Breathe Out – Together with Your Children 🌬️

Rainy days might keep us indoors, but they also offer a chance for cozy family moments!

Gather your little ones, find a comfy spot, and let's do a deep breathing exercise together. Inhale slowly for a count of four, hold for four, and then exhale for a count of four. Repeat this a few times, and watch as the rhythm of your breath brings a sense of calm to the room. It's a great way to teach your children a valuable skill that they can carry into any weather.

Deep Breathing is best practiced using the Stix Remotes, so head to our store now and give your kids the building blocks for positive mental health 😌


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