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Stix Mindfulness Founder Story

The inspiration behind the product, the team and the future of Stix Mindfulness

Meet Liam and John Murphy, the father-son duo behind Stix Mindfulness, a company dedicated to supporting children’s mental wellbeing. They have just launched an innovative solution to support children's mental health through interactive mindfulness technology. Their product, The Stix Remotes, aims to provide a fun and engaging way for children to practice mindfulness techniques in order to reduce stress and improve their wellbeing.

The Inspiration behind Stix Mindfulness 


Liam's inspiration for Stix came from his personal experience growing up with a brother who has ADHD. Whilst he believed medication can be extremely valuable to children with ADHD, he saw the negative impact that it could have on children and was determined to explore alternative solutions to support children’s ADHD behaviours.

After exploring different mindfulness techniques, Liam discovered the positive impact mindfulness can have on children’s mental health. This led him to explore the idea of developing a product that could help children with ADHD practice mindfulness and improve their wellbeing.

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Teaming Up with His Father, John


Liam knew he needed a strong business partner to help bring his vision to life. He turned to his father, John, who has extensive experience in business management and strategy. Together, they joined the CRL accelerator programme, which provided them with six months of support for product development and business growth. This allowed them to connect with other entrepreneurs and mentors, and gain valuable insights into the industry.

Developing The Stix Mindfulness Remotes


Liam and John started by speaking with parents and children about their experiences living with ADHD and other mental health issues. They used this research to develop prototypes, which eventually led to the creation of the Stix Mindfulness Remotes. 

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Over time, through product testing with a wide variety of children, Liam & John realised that this product has the potential to be used by all children. This led to them researching into the mental health crisis that children are facing - in the last year there has been a 39% increase in child mental health referral rates on the NHS. They began working with psychology experts to develop a range of activities that can support children’s mental wellbeing, whether they have ADHD, Autism, anxiety or just want support to help prevent the onset of future mental health issues, by teaching them mindfulness coping strategies. 


They have ran multiple pilot studies in schools and family homes, with a recent study from Brunel University showing promising signs that Stix can support children; 86% of participants improved their mood after using Stix, and 100% of kids wanted to carry on using them after the study ended. 

Impact and Future Plans

After three years of hard work, Liam and John launched the Stix Mindfulness Remotes in February 2023. Their goal is to become a leading family wellbeing brand, supporting mental wellbeing for all.


Liam and John believe that Stix Mindfulness has the potential to make a significant impact on the world. They hope to reach as many families as possible and provide children with the tools they need to manage their mental health. Looking ahead, they plan to expand their product line and develop new ways to support families in promoting mental wellbeing. Their journey has only just begun, and they're excited about the future and the positive impact they can make on the world.

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