Frequently asked questions

Why Stix?

Stix is making mindfulness fun with screen-less hand-held devices that enable children to practice mindfulness and earn rewards, to manage their own mental wellbeing. Children are taken on mindfulness journeys through guided audio, visual signifiers and haptic feedback with a separate supporting App that encourages regular practice and progression, thereby helping to improve mental wellness. We have developed Stix along side children and parents to ensure we are meeting their needs. We have identified that parents want a new method of managing their mental wellness. We belive Stix will help childrens development so they can learn to cope with their symptoms, whilst also taking advantage of the positives of their neurodiversity.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware with oneself and experiencing the current moment, without passing judgement. Practicing mindfulness can involve breathing methods, body scanning, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind.

When will Stix be available for purchase?

We are currently working with parents and their children to test our product, and hope to launch them to the public in Spring 2022. If you would like early access to Stix, or want to get involved in our testing phase, please get in touch!

Who's is Stix designed for?

Mindfulness has shown very positive effects for all children. We have designed Stix for children aged 6-14 to help improve overall mental wellbeing. Mindfulness has been shown to increase happiness, focus and compassion, whilst reducing stress, anxiety and anger. We encourage any parent who believes their child might be stressed, suffer from anxiety, or have other neurodiversity differences to explore mindfulness through Stix.